Bond Unit Value
(Net Asset Value)

Live Statistics

BOND Unit Price

Today's Opening - $0.063

Today's High - $0.102

Today's Low - $0.006

Bond Asset Portfolio

Property BOND - £0

Company BOND - £0

Bank Balance - £0

Bitcoin (BTC) - 1.645

Ethereum (ETH) - 0

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - 0

Litecoin (LTC) - 0

Tether USD (USDT) - $2.118

Bitshares (BTS) - 282.179

TAP - 0

Bond Unit

Bond Unit is issued on the Bitshares Blockchain. Each unit represents a monetary value, that value derives from a mixture of secure and appreciating assets held in Bond’s portfolio. 100% of your contributions are secured against all crypto-currencies, property and real estate held by Bond. This digital transformation allows Bond assets to remain on the balance sheet, but the value of these assets become transferable

Bond Distributions

The quarterly distribution made to Bond holders will derive from 8% generated annually from Property bonds, 25% of profits generated from Bitcoin peer to peer lending activity. Based on the lowest % rate of return from the lending activity, Bond’s minimum quarterly projected returns is 2% per quarter of Net Asset Value (NAV) to all Bond holders. This distribution will be made in BitUSD. Performance rates tend to increase with greater volatility in Bitcoin markets.  Bond is designed to hold its value when the world seems like it’s about to implode with currency devaluation, capital controls and the inevitable rise of interest rates.

How does Bond work?

Follow the steps below

Sign up and add your Bitshares account name

Complete your Profile and KYC

Send payment to assigned payment address

Bond will be issued to your Bitshares account

Bond can be traded on Bitshares Decentralised Exchange

After one year you can redeem Bond

How are my funds managed?

Bond is designed to safely manage market fluctuations

Bond Portfolio

Bond’s overall portfolio will adjust to changes in the rate of return from its basket of both fixed rate, and variable-rate income producing assets. Bond represents a sampling of privately issued Units available on the Bitshares blockchain that pay a quarterly distribution.

Dynamic Reward

When Bitshares and Bitcoin prices are on the up, this will potentially be reflected in a positive Unit price and quarterly distribution from Bond.

Managed Risk

When Bitshares or Bitcoin price drops, the majority of liquidity can be used to purchase USDT or secure assets via Unit Asset Fund. This will help stabilise Bond’s current position.

How are my funds distributed?

  • Bitfinex peer to peer Bitcoin lending (30%)
  • Property Bond / Real Estate (via Unit Asset Fund) (30%)
  • Billion Hero Campaign (30%)
  • Alternative crypto currencies (10%)

Index composition shows % of funds distributed into different assets.