BOND Tokens

Bond is a token issued on the Bitcoin Blockchain using the Omni Layer Protocol. Each Bond Token issued, represents a monetary value, that value derives from secure, appreciating assets held in our index fund. This process is known as digitalisation when the asset remains in trust, but the value of that asset becomes transferable with Bond tokens.

Every week a distribution is made in the form of Tether USD to BOND holders directly to their Bitcoin addresses. By using Omniwallet you have direct access to the decentralized exchange, a peer-to-peer secondary market that is global in scope.

The Blockchain Yield Index

The annual interest rate Bond pays will be tracked in the Blockchain yield index. An index means investments are spread out, with less risk of default and generally steady returns. The index returns tend to rise with greater volatility in bitcoin markets. Bond is designed to hold its value, when the world seems like it’s about to implode with currency devaluation, capital controls and the inevitable rise of interest rates.


How does BOND work?

Sign up and Create an account

Complete your Profile and KYC

Send your Bitcoin to Our payment address

Bonds will be issued to your address

Bonds can be traded at Decentralised Exchange

After one year you can redeem Bond

How are my Funds managed?

Blockchain yield index is designed to safely manage market fluctuations

Tracking Fund

The fund tracking the Blockchain Yield Index(OmniDEx ticker: BOND) adjusts to changes in interest rates based on a basket of both fixed-rate and variable-rate, income producing assets. The bonds represents a sampling of privately issued tokens available over the Bitcoin blockchain that pay a fixed regular yield. The money market rates come from liquidity provided to speculators from exchanges or derivatives.

Dynamic Reward

When the Bitcoin price is positive and on the up, this is reflected in the higher % rate of return shown by the Blockchain yield index.

Managed Risk

When the Bitcoin price drops, the majority of liquidity is used to buy more secure assets, to stabilise the rate of return shown by the Blockchain yield index.

How are my Funds distributed?

  • Minerva Lending
  • Marcello Developments
  • Nova
  • Bitmex swap+cold storage
  • Okcoin Futures+Poloniex

Index composition shows % of funds distributed into different assets.