Bond tokens are secured by the Bitcoin blockchain using the Omnilayer. If you look up these transactions using typical blockchain explorers, these payments will show a very small amount of Bitcoin has moved, when in reality the true contents cannot be seen. Whilst your Bond token will be held at a Bitcoin address, you cannot move your Bond tokens with the usual Bitcoin wallets. You will require an Omni wallet which will encode the data within transaction you wish to send so you can move your Bond from one address to another. If you send Bitcoin to the Bond purchase address you need to make sure you have your private keys, yourself and not use a provider such as Coinbase etc. who manage your Bitcoin for you.   This is very important as you may lose your funds or Bonds if you do not have your private keys.

By using Omni wallet, you also get access to the decentralised exchange, Omni’s peer to peer secondary market, where you can trade, exchange or sell your Bond tokens.